Friday, April 27, 2012

sabah trip with LOVE! (part 2)

this is a continuation of sabah trip with LOVE! (part 1).

hello lovelies.
i just came back from a vacation in krabi.
krabi trip was great!

but before i furnish you with our krabi trip stories, i'll share with you pictures from our previous sabah trip.
details & stories about the trip can be read here.

in front of the hotel that we stayed

the small but very nice room to stay

look! that's kinabalu mount at the back

at tagal sungai moroli, kampung luanti

feeding the fish

that's A LOT!

at sabah tea plantation

at poring hot spring

at desa cattle, mesilau dairy farm

at kinabalu park

at pasar malam kg ayer

at gaya sunday street market

at jeselton point

mamutik island

snorkeling time!

manukan island

we rented our car here

bye2 KK!

till then.
have a nice weekend, lovelies!

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