Wednesday, November 18, 2009

work things out

last sunday we went to pwtc for the wedding fair.
the main purpose was not for that actually.
we (or he to be more specific) are more interested with the career fair.
so i made and printed 6 hard copy CVs for him.
there were about 60 exhibitors altogether.
and he applied for petronas, plus expressway, ktm bhd, klia holdings, tm and syabas.

then we went down for the wedding fair.
ohh i hate it - too sempit i think for a wedding fair.
very hard to move and look around.
plus i had senggugut on that day - and sadly it became worse at that time.
we were there for less than half an hour - or was it not even 20 minutes.
i just took all the brochures and pamphlets from the exhibitors.
seriously got no mood to ask questions or to belek2 anything.
and then i said - dah jom balek.
he didn't say anything and we went back to the car - with muke-tak-puas-hati on my sayang.
i knew there was something wrong with him but i was very the takde mood and malas nak berkata2 so i just ignored him.

later at night, we chatted on the phone.
rupenye die ingat i marah die padahal i tak marah die pon.
die ingat i marah die sbb tak ckop2 duit lagi nak kawen sampai i dah tua taun depan danak 26 taun - ohh tua nya i.

it isn't your fault sayang.
we will work on this thing together, okay?


zLa said...

26 muda lagi la yang oi...30 yes, tua suda...

an oasis of beauty & tranquility... said...

ah tua..26 tua!