Sunday, November 29, 2009

congrats, seha

tomorrow noon, one of my spa assistants is getting engaged.
i decided to sponsor 2 items for the hantaran - cake and chocolate.
she just informed me about the engagement on wednesday.
after that i was busy with hari raya aidiladha.
only this evening i have time to decorate the hantaran.
so here are the outcomes - hope she'll like these.

got many things to do tomorrow.
1) i plan to kemas my bilik in the morning - kebarangkalian terjadi adalah sangat kecil - plan B, upah bibik wati or bibik mar to vacuum and get my room mopped.
2) then have to go to angel cake house in bangi to collect the cake.
3) after that heading to seha's house for the engagement party.
4) yang menyedihkan, have to work on the financial management assignmentS (notice the S) yang mana sangatlah banyak dan complicated ":| - which have to be submitted on monday. takut tak reti buat je sebab up til now i haven't look at them yet so i don't have any idea whether they are easy or what. but financial management of course la susah kan jangan harap dapat siap sekelip mata. yes, janji untuk tidak buat kerja last minute hanyalah dongeng belaka.


cik EPAL said...

i want that cadboury ;)

an oasis of beauty & tranquility... said...

hi cik epal..thx for 'sesat'ing to my blog :P slalu nampak yr comment kat blog lain.cadbury tu 1 box rm13 je :D

Anonymous said...

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