Saturday, November 7, 2009

i wish he's not busy - so do i

ohh how we miss each other.
it has been a busy week for us.
he's busy with his work; i'm busy with spa and classes.
we both are busy with our own lives.

i might be this busy for 3-4 months onwards - until the end of this semester.
while for him - is never ending story.

for this semester, i promise myself to never ever delay and to do last-minute work.
i'll try to organize my work well so that at the end of the semester, i can concentrate for the exams only.
this sem i'll be taking 4 subjects - same with the previous.
but only 2 core courses - the rest 2 will be subjects from the concentration that i chose.
i've chose human resource & organizational management for my major.
there were 60 of us in my batch, but only 4 students are in this concentration.
many of us chose to be in finance or islamic banking or marketing.
i don't know why maybe because HR & OM sounds boring - but it suits me well because i'm a boring person haha.

as for my spa, alhamdulillah this few weeks we've got quite a good number of customers.
people start to know my spa - visitors are increasing from time to time.
word-of-mouth starts doing its job and sometimes 2 workers are just not enough to cater the demand.
but to add 1 more worker will be a very big decision which i think not necessary at this moment.
my trainee is improving - her skills are now lots better than before.
slowly i can concentrate on my class and the spa management.
how i wish i can have more time in a day.

and how i wish he's not busy..

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