Monday, November 2, 2009

they are lovely - just like you

“men are simple, women are complicated” - i am sure that you have heard or read about this like many times.
but for me personally, i think that men are more complicated than women.

why -

men don't like to open up.
i don't know - maybe it's one of their 'manly issues' haha.
they don't share their emotions with people around them.
they believe that 'emotions are weak' because women are showing their emotions and women are weak - is that relevant enough, no?

for them, they are not supposed to cry or to say that they are sad or lonely or love or whatever - they just hate showing emotions.

on the other hand, women are good at putting their emotions into thoughts, and then those thoughts into words - but men aren't.

just like my sayang - he doesn't really know how to express his feelings through words - he'd rather express it by actions.

but when he's ready to talk, i'll make sure that i am ready to listen - no matter what time it is.

sayang, thanks for the roses - they are lovely - just like you @->--

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