Saturday, June 5, 2010

i tak nak obese

i don't drink soft drink.
not because of the high sugar level contained.
but because i simply don't like it.
i think many of my friends are like me too.
but i know my sisters - adek & tiah - love it.
eh love coke to be specific.

we nowadays consume way too much sugar already.
in our foods, our teh ais, our milo ais, our nescafe ais, our neslo ais, our teh o ais limau.
okay2 annoying kan nak sebut semua air kegemaran.
so by not taking soft drink, at least i'm better than adek & tiah :D

what i may say - please switch to healthier drinks!
healthier drinks such as water and milk.
if you don't want, then just stop your kids n you continue sukehatikamulah.
believe me, it's a battle worth fighting.

sugar-sweeteed drinks not only cause dangerous diseases.
but also a driving force behind obesity.
you nak? i tak nak you.

did you know that one can of soft drinks has 10 teaspoons of sugar?
yeahh i know you know!
surprisingly, we know but we buat-buat donno.


alinac lover said...

rx lite pon ada..
ngee..u suka?

Syazalia Razali said...

nice post, i've tried the 'japanese water therapy' some time ago. Managed to stick with it for about 3 months, and I can really feel the difference. Feels so much lighter, friends says my face is glowing, no more indigestion, and of course - i lost weight :) And all this can be achieved just by drinking water.

white purple flower said...

alinac, hi! i just started minum rxlite. today is my 3rd sachet. suke. this is the 1st time i minum air utk slimming yg sedap. serius!

syazalia, thanks! there are just so much we can get by drinking water. japanese water therapy ni yang minum air right after bangun tido without even gosok gigi tu kan?