Wednesday, August 31, 2011

happy eid!


i hope it's not too late to wish you girls happy hari raya.
sincerely, i would like to say sorry for all of my wrongdoings, if any - ohh please, there must be any.
so let's start fresh, lovelies!

how was your 1st day raya?
i hope it was great.

this year is my 1st eid as a wife.
but things are pretty much the same as before.

my husband is a cool type.
he maybe a little bit fussy (seriously, a lil bit?), but he can settle his fussiness by himself.
so, i'm cool with that.

another thing is, my another 'kampung' is just 15-20 minutes away by car.
ohh come on! they are in the same district.
so nothing to fight about.
no, no tragic scene of where to spend our malam raya.
because we can still visit the other house anyway.
so again, i'm cool with that.

the only difference is - i didn't take as much photos as i normally did.
not because i now don't like taking photos.
but it's because i don't have my camwhore-mates with me during pagi raya, sigh.

still, i have some to share with you girls!

so these are among my favorite shots from today.

it was hard to choose my favorite ones from that little album!

have a fun raya, girls.


mizzura said...

dear...lawalah jubah ni..colar and corak dia..beli ke tempah :-) (tgh cari jubah/kaftan/abaya..hehe)

oops..salam aidilfitri & salam merdeka kay !


white purple flower said...

salam mizzura.happy merdeka raya :) jubah ni patch lace sendiri.huh sampai raya pun nak DIY kan.lace beli yg memurah je..pastu tampal kat baju n tudung.