Friday, August 26, 2011

camel is the new black

hello lovelies, how's your hari raya preparation so far?
or should i be asking, how's your ramadhan so far?

okay frankly, i'm already in hari raya mode.
we are still days away from hari raya, but the festive mood is very much felt in the air, no?
if you can't feel the festive mood yet, i suggest you to go to any shopping malls or shopping spots.
immediately, you'll get what i meant.

everybody's busy buying things for hari raya and so do i.
although i've made early preparation for my raya attires, there are still a few things that are not yet ready.
raya shoes, raya bag, raya tudung, raya accessories, etc.

and since i have quite a number of raya attires for this year, it's difficult for me to find a raya bag and raya shoes that match the whole set of my raya attires.
so i need to find something neutral that can goes well with everything.

normally, i'd go for gold for hari raya - gold colored heels + gold colored clutch + gold colored long necklace.
it's becoming too predictable, so this year, i'm thinking of staying away from gold color.

at first, i was thinking to switch to black.
but i'm not a 'black' person because i appreciate colors and i'm a very colorful person.
i can wear pink pants with yellow top and turquoise hijab.
so i don't think i can pull out black accessories because it is so not me.

so can you tell me what's the ultimate neutral color?
it's a camel!

source: google

yes, camel is my favorite neutral by far.
i think, the color looks sophisticated but at the same time, not boring!
it looks so chic yet elegant and classic.
so i really think that all girls should invest in camel colored accessories.

the color goes well with everything, seriously.
you can pair the color with almost every color and you can't go wrong with this ultimate neutral color.

hush puppies cyra

camel oxford flats

so what do you think of camel?

p/s to aini, camel and gold is different.
bawah ni warna gold.

source: google

source: google


~ US *_* ~ said...

lebey kurang je gold dgn coklat :|

white purple flower said...

lain weh..okay..nnt aku selit contoh biasa kasut n bag aku camne

pelangi said...

aku sokong..aku pun akan pki beg cekelat...sep sket.. :)

white purple flower said...

ieja..give me 5!ala bukan cekelat lah..camel.hihi.cekelat ada mcm2.

~ US *_* ~ said...

haha ieja pon ngaku..coklat = camel = gold = kuning = adik beradik :p
pape pon henbeg aku wrna coklat

white purple flower said...

handbag nine west tu ke?yg tu namanya "solid brown" hihi

white purple flower said...

eee kuning tu mmg out of category tau!