Tuesday, August 2, 2011

happy 27th birthday, sayang

so it's my husband's birthday today - 02.08.11.

birthday is certainly one of the important days of everyone’s lives, err or is it just me?
every year, i'll be waiting for the clock to reach 12am and expecting ppl to wish me happy birthday as the clock-tick strikes 12am.
it's like, ohh so my birthday officially begins now, let's get excited!
come and wish me happy birthday.
call me, text me, drop a wallpost or a facebook message for me, or maybe tag me in your status.

yes, it may sound pathetic, but that's what really happened.
well, everyone only gets one special day.
i mean, a special day that doesn't need to be shared with anyone, err unless you have twins.
so, after a year-long-wait, we hope that we will get special treatments on that special day, or maybe get something special, no?

so back to the main subject, my husband.
when the clock hit 12am just now, he was sleeping.
well, he's an early sleeper by the way.
i took out the present that had been prepared earlier from the drawer.
i wake him up to wish him happy birthday and hand the small gift.
but sadly, he said "thank you sayang, esok je lah bukak hadiah" -_-"
he was not excited at all, with his own birthday!
haha boys will always be boys!
so i just let him be.

i decided to switch on the laptop, log into my blog and write a special entry for him.
maybe a special birthday poem, or just a simple birthday wish.
but i ended up babbling about why birthday is so special for me and how heartless my husband is LOL.

so here is the birthday wish...

time flies sayang, you are officially 27 years old today.
so happy birthday to my love, my dearest husband.
i'm wishing you all the happiness on this joyous day.
may the years continue to be good to you and may Allah bless you always.
you are my best friend in the good times and bad times.
you are the reason for sweet yesterdays and for better tomorrows.
may your life always shine, be happy and pleasant.
let's grow old along with me!
the best is yet to be.

love, hugs & kisses,


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