Tuesday, August 9, 2011

my birthday wishlist

i've been thinking of what to blog since my last entry.
no, i don't feel like writing about the wedding thingy at this moment.
and since today is tuesday, i can't just simply come out with another "wordless wednesday" entry.

fyi, august is not just a month for my husband, my mother & my father's birthday.
it is also my birthday month!

so i decided to come out with my birthday wishlist entry.
i don't mind if i don't get any of these, because this list is quite.. hmm ridiculously unreasonable for a birthday gift?

but these are things that i really want/need and it would be nice if i can get them especially on my birthday!

1. a mixer
... so i can make cheese cake whenever i want.

2. a juice extractor
... so i can have my carrot juice everyday instead of having it at the restaurant.

3. a tablet pc
... be it from apple, samsung, blackberry.. i accept any kind of it, as long as it's good and reliable.

4. a sofa
... for the living hall.

5. a washing machine
... for me to settle the laundry.

6. a cloth dryer
... so i can settle the laundry at any time, be it when it's raining or in the evening/at night when there's no sunlights.

7. cash/gift vouchers
... so i can do some shopping or can have a spa session without paying a single cent!

8. a new handphone
... to replace the current outdated one.

9. a new car
... because the old one is no longer in its good state and needs major repairing.

10. another handbag
... since handbags are women best friends and we can't have enough of them!

*pray hard*


pelangi said...

kenapa semua warna pink..
omg..aku pasti apad tgh pening kepala nak pk bagi apa kat ko adiah thn ni...huhuhu...

~ US *_* ~ said...

gigihnye cari sume gamba brg wrna pink..huhu aku rse bek apad beli mixer. nnt die jgk yg kyg..aku pon ble tumpang sekaki bile2 haha

roeza said...

all in PINk!!!!:D

white purple flower said...

ieja - haha saje je google semua pink.apad pening?takde nye.

aini - gigih kan?ala mixer korang lah yg bagi.wink.

roeza - :)