Monday, August 22, 2011

modern country look, i love

me & my husband soon will be moving into our own house.
well, it's not really ours and it's not a new house.
we are now in the process of 'upgrading' the house into a home sweet home.


i love the fact that the house has a classic country look especially from the outside.
we plan to uplift the look into a modern country look, well if you realize, i'm really into modern vintage/classic look.
for that, color is the primary element to serve the objectives.
previously, the house was all white.
i like 'white' houses!
but to realize the modern country look, i need to play around with colors.
combination of colors can inject new life into any structure.
since the architectural structure is already classic, the house paint schemes should be modernized.

and no, not this kind of color combinations.

source: google


we will be re-using some of the old furnitures because of course we don't have $$$ to buy everything new ones.
i think, we will be using about 80% of the old furnitures and merely remove the non-usable ones.
for the interior walls, they're already repainted into white.
and for the decorations, i am still not very sure as to what color scheme should i use.
but i guess, i'll be more into brown, bronze & sandy (earth colors).
yes i know, i love bright colors - i.e. pink, purple, teal, etc.
but, hello! i am not transforming the house into a kindergarden.
i am transforming the house into a home, so i guess earth colors would be the best, no?
besides, i need to stick to the classic country look, remember?

so in order to add the modern vibe into the whole classic look, i'll be placing some 'pops' or smart hits here and there.
for example, i'll mix in bright colored or bold printed accessories to add some contrast to a low-key sofa.
or place some eye-catching ornaments, so that the whole house won't look so dull.
or put vibrant flowers set in an equally vibrant vase.

all i need to remember, i have to let everything to work together.
the colors, furnitures, decorations, etc. - they need to be well-blended.

source: google

source: google

source: google

source: google

ohh okay now i sound like an interior decorator haha.
well, that's the results after a few days browsing through interior design websites.
there are so many articles on the internet that are really helpful.

ohh ohh i should be writing about the wedding.
there are still some leftovers from the wedding that i haven't covered yet.
but haha, maybe my direction has changed.
i'm becoming more like a makcik-makcik nowadays.
this must be the age, pftt!

you know what?
when i smile real hard, you know, like REALLY smile.. i can see wrinkles on my face.

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