Friday, April 2, 2010

fat girls are awesome

tajuk pembakar semangat.

due to technical reasons,my engagement outfit dah siap setahun yang lalu.
after a year, of course i've piled on some weight (if 5 kgs can still be considered as "some").
at that time, the baju was like perfecttttly tailored for me! (okay, i exaggerate a little here ngee).
not even an alteration, i was very satisfied with the baju.

few nights back, i dunno why it crossed my mind to try it out.
and.. woahh, i look like sarung nangka especially kat lengan.

then i started googling on "what if i can't fit into my wedding dress", "drop a dress size in 5 days", etc. - kasihan kan?
to conclude on my research (ececece), i got few tips on what to do, which are as follows:
- stop eating junk food
- start eating lean protein, whole grain and a ton of veggies
- practice on a low calorie diet
- get to the gym
- find a good body reshaping garment
- get liposuction
- get another baju in a bigger size

lately, i enjoy eating very much.
maybe because size perut dah besar, selera pun dah sebesar gajah.
and gym pulak sangat tak sesuai untuk pemalas like me.
body reshaping garment is fine, but the main problem now is lehngan malek noor ni, which is no way body reshaping garment could help.
lipo? haha.kalau ade duit pun haku wat laser buang parut jerawat.

i like the last one.
seems like the easiest among all.

baju pink tu boleh jual kat dijah.


KhadijahARA said...


baju tu over la..ble plak haku nak pakai.jual kat tiah.she can carry~

an oasis of beauty & tranquility... said...

haha ko kan danak tunang elelele.tiah plak bile nak pakai.xpelah,aku try gak kurus kan badan.pakai utk photoshoot pun okee :D verangan levey.