Monday, September 26, 2011

are you inspirational enough?

I don't know why suddenly I came up with this topic.

I read my blog just now and realized that my blog is so lame.
So lame that it has nothing special that could be proud of.
So lame that I wouldn't follow this blog if I am the reader.
So lame that it decribes the lame side of me.

I don't know what type of blogger I am because there's no specific area that I try to cover in my writings.
Does that make me a lifestlyle blogger?
Because a lifestyle blogger writes because ppl want to know what's happening in her/his life.
There could be number of reasons that would drive ppl to bother about other's life.
Maybe the person's life story is interesting to read.
Or maybe the person really knows how to do something or is an expert in any field.
Or it could be because of the high level of sense of humor of the blogger that could spread positivity to the readers.

So what drives ppl to read my blog?
And that shows that I'm a pathetic person.

As I read through my own blog, I realized that I'm a boring person that is non-inspirational at all.
I don't get inspired by myself, so do the readers, I guess.

I would love to inspire ppl around me.
I'd love to share stories that could bring change or can make a difference in someone's life.
Well, inspired or changed in a positive way, I mean.

I hope to inspire at least one person (the more the better), so that I know that I'm contributing something to the society.

So how to become inspirational?
First thing first, let's change ourselves first!
We need to check ourselves first before we could inspire ppl around us.

How about you?
Are you inspirational enough?

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