Thursday, September 15, 2011

little brother engagement hantaran

my little brother is now someone's fiance.
the wedding insyaAllah will be at the end of the 1st quarter next year.

i love everything about wedding preparation and i'm all ready to be his wedding planner!
hihiks as if he wants me to menyibuk lah kan.

anyway, i'm the one who is responsible for his engagement hantaran.
and since, there are still lots of leftovers (ribbons, flowers, etc.) from my wedding, i re-use them to make the hantaran.
i bought nothing new except the brown basket since the theme color is brown.

next project is for my bestfriend engagement this december.
can't wait!

p/s the giant white roses are from my stairs deco haha.


pelangi said...

Eh siapakah bf itu? Dila ke?

white purple flower said...

haha jeng3..lalalala

Dijah said...

Confirm dila.. Mane lg bff ko yg single.

white purple flower said...

yeke takde?

Qaseh Chempaka said...

wahh..leh hire for my hantaran nih.. :D

white purple flower said...

Boleh je! :)