Tuesday, January 24, 2012

new life

hi dear readers.
i'm so sorry, it has been a little while since i put up my last post.

frankly, i really don't have much time like i used to have before.
too many new things get into my life lately that can be blamed for stopping me from updating my blog.

we have moved to our own house.
so, i have to wake up early, i need to settle laundry, i must make sure everything's clean, i have to cook for my husband, etc. etc.
i don't mind cooking for my husband since i kinda enjoy doing that.
but i hate doing laundry.
do laundry took so much of my time & leceh a bit, especially the folding & ironing part.
but now i have already found solution for that problem.
i'm sending all clothes that need ironing to laundry shop!
so, problem solved!

i'm now a working lady!
yes, by working i mean office hour 830am-530pm working.
hmm honestly, i prefer my previous 'working' schedule & style, if, it can be considered as one.
i used to be a frequent mall visitor & i don't have to do that during lunch hour.
i can get into my 'office' anytime & can choose to not going to 'work' if i don't feel like going.
i enjoyed doing 'charity' e.g. buying things for others, paying others' bills, doing some window shopping or surveying for others, going here & there, etc. - i didn't get anything from that, but i really enjoy doing it.
so now that i'm really working, honestly, it is quite tiring because my day starts early, plus it is not that fun.
i hope someday i'll fall in love with my job & start enjoying my working life.

my family has opened 2 tutti frutti outlets.
one in sg besi & another one in sg buloh.
not that i have to take care of them, but apart from home & office, i will spend most of my time at tutti frutti.
reason being, my husband is the one who's in charge for the closing, so every night he'll need to go there.
being a good wife who is always there by his side (kah kah kah), me too, always spend my time at the outlet.
so yeah, that explains how tutti frutti affect my life.

all above are reasons why i didn't update this blog for quite some time.
so after this if you are not seeing new entry for a week or maybe more than that (wordless wednesday can't be considered as new entry), well, you already know why.

anyway girls, if you feel like eating tutti frutti & you're living nearby our sg besi or sg buloh outlet, do come to our shop!
our sg besi outlet is located at new shoplot named the trillium which is at lake fields, sg besi & our sg buloh outlet is located at tsb commercial centre, sg buloh, just by the main road near sg buloh hospital.

for your info, for this festive season of chinese new year, we are giving away angpow for every purchase.
we also have introduced new flavor (orange sorbet) & new topping (mandarin orange) that you must try!

okay girls, i guess till my next update!


pelangi said...

weh keje kat mana beb?
xciter pun...

white purple flower said...

ieja, aku kerja dgn ayah aku la. tak cerita sbb tak jumpa kau lagi sejak wedding sue kan? meh la dtg makan kat rumah!