Saturday, March 14, 2009

the d-i-y mini pelamin

i wish to have a mini pelamin for my engagement.

of course i will not be renting it.
because i think it is gravely overpriced.
1k for a mini pelamin with fresh flowers?? nonsense!
and it is 800rm for the one using artificial flowers.
i declined even to consider the idea.
yes, it is the price for the mini one.
i repeat, it's mi-ni!

i know that there are lots of cheaper option out there.
but i don't like the design or the concept.
it doesn't reach my level of preference.
and i still think it is overpriced because of the 'kampong design'.
i am really sorry to say it.
but i don't find any other suitable phrase for it.
maybe you can suggest one ;)

it is not really important anyway.
i will not going to splurge on it.
i think i will go for a d-i-y mini pelamin.

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