Tuesday, March 17, 2009

the makeover

last sunday, i went to nilai 3 to do some window shopping and to look out for the hantaran idea.
i was there from 2pm until 430pm - alone.
i think i went to nearly all of the 'kedai barang perkahwinan'.
unfortunately, i found nothing interesting over there.
i myself actually didn't know what i was looking for.
the stuffs sold in every shops are pretty much similar.
same barang in all kedai - so boring!

however, i did buy the 'alas' for the hantaran.
it actually didn't really caught my eyes as it wasn't beaded like i wanted as i mentioned in this entry.

i actually wanted something like this:
- it is embroidered.
- fully / half beaded (full is better.. but with the price of the half :P).
- transparent material (eg. net, organza, chiffon, etc.).
- white colored.

and what i got:
- it is embroidered.
- no beads at all, but with lots of sequins.
- transparent - it's organza.
- white colored.

to fulfil my wish, i also bought a japan beads.
i chose japan beads because they are shinier than any other beads.
i wanted to do a makeover on the 'alas'.
a simple one.

here is the picture of the alas before and after the makeover.

can you see any difference?
no, right?
but there is.

now look closely.

before makeover.
the flower is a little bit boring.

after makeover.
what a transformation!
yes i know, am really into detail.

the makeover work in progress~

am i a psycho for being very particular?
no, i'm not.

i'm a virgo.

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