Thursday, October 28, 2010

my last job as maid of honour

events that will take place at the end of this year i guess will be my last job as a maid of honour.
it is my BFF wedding!
ieja & unos.

i knew ieja since i was in highschool.
and we were in the same matriculation and also same university.
meaning we were in the same place for 9 years (5 years in school, 1 in maxisegar, 3 in ukm).
so confirm best friend forever punya lah kan.

around june (or was it may) this year, when she asked me whether i'm interested to be her maid of honour for her wedding or not, of course i won't refuse.
2 strong reasons of saying yes - first, i love wedding. and second, i love her.

so last 2 weeks we went to gulatis at SACC to hunt fabrics for pengapitS.
thanks very much to ieja for paying for 15 metres of crepe satin, 1 panel of lace and a metre of lace border.

and i bila dah ada kain mestilah i semangat kan.
already sent the materials to my tailor which scheduled to be picked up on december 1st yeyy!

anyway, these are designs of the dresses which i made myself.

i must keep it very simple (yet sweet) because i just a pengapit, remember?
the 1st pic is for the reception at home and the 2nd one for at-hotel reception.
and i'm still thinking of what to wear for her solemnization.

congratulations, ieja and unos!
aaaa can't wait.

p/s anyone interested for a matron of honour?


pelangi said... you lots babe!
aku pun sabar tunggu ujung thn sbb nak tgk baju ko live!
and i think i'm gonna looovvveee it..

white purple flower said...

haha baju ko la melerts lg tak saba tauhu!