Tuesday, November 2, 2010


dilema memilih tudung yang sesuai dengan bentuk muka.
with-awning or awning-less?

yesterday was my scarf hunting day.
i went to fareeda boutique at seksyen 8, bdr baru bangi and bought the v-shape plain scarf as in pic below but without the swarovski.
you just have to add rm20 for the swarovski anyway but i opted for the plain one as i still don't know whether to wear this type of scarf or to stick with my current hijab style for the engagement day.

i don't know why but i have to admit that i feel so much uncomfortable in any with-awning type of scarf.
i've tried couple of times before but i have this strange awkward feeling.
i guess the feeling is the same like when you have a bad hair day for the freehairs, if you got what i mean.

so i bought a plain chiffon humaira scarf as a back up.
the one that i bought originally comes with swarovski, so i don't have options on that.
i've tried the scarf and yes, i think i look way better without awning.
and he said the same thing too.

i actually thought of purposely wear with-awning type of scarf to make me look different from my normal days.
but i think i look so weird and so round.. and so buruk.

so now i cannot decide on which type of scarf to be worn.
i already emailed my picture in both type of scarves to my makeup artist.
and i'm still waiting for her to respond and give opinion.

actually i have three options:
- to wear the with-awning type of scarf
- to wear the awning-less type of scarf
- to wear and layer both scarves

zila, cepat respond!

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