Monday, February 21, 2011

centerpiece ideas

source: google
hoho.. tidak lah saya akan meletakkan table centerpiece sebesar ini.

centerpieces are among small-small things in a wedding that can create high impact to the overall wedding decoration.

finding the wedding table centerpiece ideas is easy-peasy when you have internet with you.
just google "centerpiece ideas" or "wedding centerpiece" or "table centerpiece" or "cute centerpiece" or whatever, will direct you to millions of beautiful centerpiece ideas.

but.. (yes, there's a but), they can cost you a bomb, especially if your wedding is big or you are too ambitious to put that giant centerpiece as in above pic on every table.

there is no fixed standard or rule for your table centerpieces.
they can be anything.. flowers, candles, candies, cuppies, kerepeks, kurmas, pictures of the bride & groom, etc.
basically, you can show your originality and creativity through centerpieces.

generally, it is about bringing the overall theme to each table.

for example, my majlis akad nikah theme will be "romantic & magical".
to bring the theme of "romantic & magical" to the table, i'm thinking of using candles for the centerpieces.

ohh i love candles.
sedih tak dapat bagi candles as wedding favors, jadi centerpieces pun jadilah.
you don't need complicated arrangements for candles.
just put the candle in a glass, place a mirror under the candle to amplify the glow, sprinkle flower petals around the glass, and that's it!
simple yet elegant, no?

source: google
and as for my wedding reception, the theme will be "modern vintage".
i love vintage wedding!
i just think that vintage wedding is a perfect timeless way for bride & groom to celebrate new lives together.
but to make the wedding preparations easier and to make it more flexible, i decided to merge vintage theme with modern theme.
ala-ala cheating sikit2 la.

for the centerpieces, i'm thinking of using doily papers to create the vintage look.
maybe just some flower arrangements in a glass on a doily.
and finish them off with a ribbon around the glass.
or use lace instead of ribbon to make it more vintage?

source: google

ohh pasal centerpiece ni awal bulan april baru nak finalize.


adek said...

gune laceee

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pelangi said...

ok chantek..aku suka idea untuk 2-2..
if u need any help..sila bgtau..
aku boleh tlg dr jarak jauh.. :))

white purple flower said...

everything's under control..for now :)