Thursday, April 14, 2011

kenduri centerpieces - done



i know.. the kenduri centerpieces are nothing like ones i've planned or were in my head before (below pic).

but, considering the cost and time, that's the best that i can have.

personally, i prefer the glass-type over that english-style vases.
but the glass type may be too fragile for others to handle.
well, we all know Murphy's law, no?
if something can go wrong, it probably will.
so why take the risk?

i chose english-style vases because of their vintage-ness.
the theme for the kenduri will be "modern vintage", remember?

ohhh i'm so tired and sleepy.

will sleep early tonight.
early = 12am.
because normally i sleep at 2 or 3am.. or err 6am.

i am free from pimples for more than a month but today i can feel bumps at a few spots on my face.
you know, not pimples but most probably soon-to-be pimples.

so, i must go to bed early in order to get my beauty sleep.

shuh2 go, i don't need you pimples.
not at this critical time.



mama2nur said...

nnt lepas kenduri bole la bg aku skit bekas2 tu.. :D

white purple flower said...

no problemo