Tuesday, April 19, 2011

must-take wedding shots

i think it would be helpful if i can prepare a list of my must-take wedding photos.
especially with who or what i wanted to be in shots.

nothing worse than realizing that i have no pic with the both sets of parents or with my bridesmaids after the wedding is over.

so this is it, the list of my must-take wedding shots:

getting ready
-preparation shots
-place setting shots (table setting, pelamin, etc.)
-food shots
-the wedding dress
-close-up of dress details
-close-up of bride's shoes
-bride having makeup applied (after put on hijab)
-maid of honor helping the bride arrange her dress, adding the veil, etc.
-bride together with bridesmaids

during ceremony
-guests (arriving, eating, etc.)
-close up of details (guest book, doorgifts, centerpieces, etc.)
-shot of both sets of parents' faces
-bride with her parents
-groom with his parents
-bride & groom with groom's parents
-bride & groom with bride's parents
-bride & groom with both sets of parents
-bride & groom with groom's family
-bride & groom with bride's family
-bride & groom with bride's grandmother
-bride with maid of honor
-bride with bridesmaids
-groom with bestman
-groom with groomsmen

other than these, shots like bride & groom eating, cake cutting, bride & groom feeding each other, parents' speech, macam biasalah.

the list can be a great guide for my official photographer too, no?

with the flowergirl


~ US *_* ~ said...

betul2..aku xde pic dgn bridesmaid aku pon ritu :|

white purple flower said...

tula yg aku x suka tu.tapi haritu tunang okay la.tapi family pic aku tak complete sbb ada yg takde.pastu ngan family apad pun xde.