Wednesday, April 20, 2011

strings, wooden clips and pictures

the idea was from amymissunderstood.

but since we don't have any pergola walkway at the house like the one in kampung pengantin, i will hang the photos at my mother's pergola.

the wooden clip, already bought 72 pieces of it last month or was it two months back?
same goes to the strings, bought it long time ago.

but i just got our post-engagement photos printed.
tak sempat nak cuci kat eoeonline like i always did.
terkejut tadi bila orang kedai gambar cakap, sekeping gambar 4R 50 sen.
there, at eoeonline, the price is just 35 cents for 4R photo each and with free delivery for orders above rm35 somemore.
nak buat macam mana, no choice, so i proceed je lah with 50 cents per pic.

bila nak hang?
sabtu pagi?


~ US *_* ~ said...

serta merta aku masuk eoeonline tu..mura2.nk print pic jugeee.tq for the info

nYomeL said...

owhh.. murah la printing kat situ yekk.. thanks for sharing! :D

white purple flower said...

alaa dulu kan dah pernah buat review psl eoeonline.nampak sgt blog ni takde org baca sob2.

dorang ada blogger review program.kalau tulis review kat blog (tapi ada syarat2) dpt 50 keping gambar 4R free.wee cuci gambar raya ritu free.

white purple flower said...

ni ha entry nyee -