Friday, April 8, 2011

wet cough dry cough

i had constant headaches since months back.
and i think it was a migraine.
sometimes it was so major and lasted for days.
so bad that painkillers seemed to do nothing.
after a few months, it came with a package - sore throat, cough, flu, you name it.
but now i got a lot better.
no more sore throat and massive headaches at night.

but.. the cough is still there.
it used to be a wet cough but this time it has turned to be a dry one.
everytime i breath in, i feel like there's something irritates my throat and makes me cough.
i'm actually okay with it until my bibik said "macammana ni nanti pengantin dok batuk2 je".

okay, so now i think i really need to do something.

any advice?


pelangi said...

please go see a doctor..
tkt nnt lmbt baik..
jumpa doktor mintak ubat plg kuat..
ckp sy nak kawin..
trust me atas pelamin ko xnak kelihatan terbatuk2 atau bersin dan selsema meleleh mcm aku ms reception johor will spoil the mood..

white purple flower said...

okay madam!