Tuesday, April 12, 2011

can't sleep, hence wedding wish list

it's nearly 5am in the morning, i don't know why, but i can't sleep.
and sadly, i did nothing the whole night.
wedding is just less than 2 weeks away.
i haven't finished with the hantaran yet.
and supposedly, i have to start with the stairs decoration by now.
but i'm in no mood of those things tonight.
i just feel like resting.
goshh i should have sleep and not playing around!

worse thing worst, the lecture will start on wednesday which is tomorrow!
luckily my classes will be on wednesday and thursday.
so i think i will have enough cuti kahwin after the wedding.
2 days are enough, no?
but it's so uncool that i haven't finished with the students' lecture notes yet.
so i guess tomorrow i'll keep myself busy finishing the lecture notes, lecture slides and whatnot.

spa is doing fine.
alhamdulillah i have trustable staffs which i can rely on.
i kept sms-ing them saying that i'm sorry if i'm neglecting them as i'm too busy with the wedding things, ohh i feel bad.
so glad that they are okay with that.
kindly visit the spa, it operates as usual.

ppl start asking me what should they get as wedding gifts.
seriously i don't have any idea.
but i can give you some hints here.

you can never go wrong with useful things that can make my life easier.
i don't like things that are not practical and useful.
i'm a virgo, remember?
so if you don't know what to buy as the wedding present, just choose anything that might be useful for me, eh for us.
anything, from plasma tv, juice maker, coffee machine, bedside lamps, ceiling lamps, perfumes or air purifier to small gifts such as towels, satin robes, reed diffuser, door mat, candles, decoration pillows, clock, couple mugs or curtain clips.

more hints, i love anything beautiful.
and i like to keep things as simplest as they can.
or if not, something extravagant.
i don't like things in between simple and extravagant.
i mentioned once before, "do the best, or do nothing at all".
in this case, keep it simple or make it excessively elaborate.

moreover, if you've got to choose between graphical and plain ones, go for plains.
i myself tend to choose plain over graphical goods.
in terms of colors, i'm okay with both pastel and bright colors.

i'm into classic things or patterns.
and i'd prefer satins than cottons (except for clothes).
i love laces, ribbons, beads and stones.
and i'd appreciate vintage goods.

hmm so now it's 515am.
seriously, i need to get some sleep.
nite, lovelies.
wishing you guys all the happiness.


pelangi said...

weh igt nak dtg jumpa ko nxt week..
nak singgah umah..
maybe on 20th onwards b4 friday..
bila ko free?

white purple flower said...

21st aku mungkin busy pick up brg2 yg nak sewa.how abt friday 22nd?sbb friday tu dah start sedara2 dtg tolong.so ko pun boleh menyibuk2 :)