Tuesday, April 12, 2011

bunga pahar project - done

dila, saz and aini (+hannah) came over to my house last friday to help me with my never-ending bunga pahar project.
saz had to go to damansara first to collect her wedding album before picking up aini and hannah at putrajaya.
so they arrived at my house quite late, at about 1130pm.
they brought some foods for me, it was from burger king.
dila got meeting that night, so she also came very late, at about 1230am.

after having our 'dinner', we started our project.
at first, we lack of momentum and progression was a bit slow.
i need to explain first, what to do, where to glue, etc.
saz as usual is a quick learner.
and she has got creative hands, so it was not a problem for her to master the steps.
dila and aini got some problems doing complicated steps, so they were assigned easier tasks.

after we completed the first bunga pahar (50 of them), there came the momentum.
things got a lot easier since everybody had mastered their tasks.

aini gave up (sleepy and hannah was cranky) at 4am.
followed by dila at 5am.
me and saz managed to finish them off at about 6am, alhamdulillah.

so, here it is, one of the bunga pahar.

thanks so much to my BFFs for spending their time for me.
two of them are married and have kid(s) somemore.
they chose me over their husbands haha, pity husbands.

now the bunga pahar project is over, i feel so much relieved.
i can't express it by words, but i feel so happy.
i started this project the earliest, but i gave up halfway through.
it is so complex that i lost my interest to continue the project but i know that i have no choice.
it was me who decided to make this complicated type of bunga pahar, so i have to deal with it no matter how.

this type of bunga pahar normally are selling at more than rm50/piece, meaning more than rm5000 for 100 pieces.
as for this project, the cost price for raw materials are less than rm10/piece.

the design was 100% my design, i didn't follow any sample since i didn't find anything that i like in the market to duplicate.
but i was inspired by ieja's bunga pahar for at-hotel reception.
they were made by lynda rahim.
the design was different actually because kak lynda used crystals for the flowers and i was using dip flowers.
but i was inspired by the complicated-ness of the bunga pahar.
the bunga pahar was so special, rare and exclusive, so that was also the objective of my bunga pahar project.

my bunga pahar - special, rare and exclusive.

alhamdulillah, thank you Allah.

p/s thanks to bibik-bibik too sebab tolong pintal2 dawai


~ US *_* ~ said...

nape da tayang kt blog? xseprais la nnt cah

white purple flower said...

takpe.nnt pnat nak update pas kahwin patu takut dah malas.kah kah.