Monday, April 4, 2011

spa session with the MOH

last friday, i went to eve de beaute, the strand, kota damansara for a spa session with my MOH.

thanks to dila anuar for taking a half day off (again) from work to accompany me.

i've been to several spas before and i must say that this is among the best experience so far.

it was really nice - nice companion, nice modern interior deco, nice therapists, nice experience, nice everything.

at first, dila and i were separated into two different rooms.
the session started with a relaxing body scrub and then followed by a warm jacuzzi bath.
so nice, i feel like sleeping in that bath tub.

then, we were reunited again in the same room for a hot stone treatment and a whole body aromatherapy massage.
to tell you the truth, that is the first time i buat hot stone treatment.
never tried it before since i thought it is just a simple treatment where the therapist will put some hot stones on your back and that's all.
i just knew that the treatment involves some back massage using hot stones!
just imagine a guasa massage, but this time the 'tools' are warm.
awww sangat best and i love it so much!
and for the aromatherapy massage, i like the massage oil that they used.
it smelled so wangi and made me relax like never before.

this is the first spa experience for dila.
i hope she liked it just like me love it.
and thanks so much to dila for the ride.

after we finished our spa sessions, we went to the nearest masjid to perform zuhur.
then, dila brought me to a restaurant in ttdi.
it was santai restaurant.
the foods semua sedap i tell you.
orang pun masyaAllah so ramai and dila said memang all the time pelanggan ramai macam tu.

and that night she helped me with my bunga dip.
we slept quite late (very late for her, i think) and alhamdulillah we managed to finish them all.
thanks so much to dila for helping me finishing the celup2 work.

i guess, i chose the right person to be my MOH.
so i am a happy bride-to-be here.


~ US *_* ~ said...

bessss..alaa nape aku xbeli yg ni rituuu.rugi tulll :|

white purple flower said...

kitorang siap terbook utk hydrating facial sbb kalau book aritu dapat 50% off.aku booked,dila pun terpengaruh.tatau la bila nak pergi.lepas kahwin kut :)

sazzy said...

knape tak pilih kawe jd MOH? sampai ati :(

white purple flower said...

demo dok sesua.kan doh bulih anok duo oghe.