Monday, November 15, 2010

i'm now engaged!

it's finally happened!
i'm now officially engaged to my sayang.
i was so excited to tell the story and post about it yesterday but i was busy with facebook.
i got a lot of wishes from friends after i changed my relationship status from in a relationship to engaged and put up some pictures which i feel very pleased.
it's the same feeling like when i was getting birthday wishes from friends through facebook.

alhamdulillah, i can say that everything run smoothly as planned.
except for the horror cendol (plus the fat me), the rest was okay.

the most thing that i like was to have so many photographers during my engagement.
i think there were like 10 of them.
if you ever read my blog post on "where to splurge?", you can understand why there were so many photographers on my engagement.
easily said, i don't want to miss any moment of it.
i want everything to be captured and recorded.
i just realized that i forgot to ask them to take pictures of my shoes, ohh and my book rack which was decorated into a flower rack!
yes, when i said everything it means EVERY thing.
now, let's just pray that the photographers did well with their job *pray*.
ohh can't wait to have the pictures with me.

for now, let's have a look at some pictures captured by my lovely sister.

thanks God for making it real.
plus for those who helped in make it happen and also for all who came, thank you so much.


macemellow said...

salam perkenalan.. ^_^ tahniah atas pertunangan.. jom join b2bs lain wat persiapan jom?

white purple flower said...

hi macemellow :) jom2!

♥✿♥ Fariza ♥✿♥ said...

nk tanya, mini pelamin itu deco sendiri atau bleh sy dptkan di mana?

white purple flower said...

thanks fariza!kebetulan i baru je blog pasal mini pelamin tu sblm baca komen you :) just find the info on the entry of e-mini dais.i deco sendiri je mini pelamin tu.