Monday, November 15, 2010

e-mini dais

i like to read other people blogs especially b2b blogs.
which some i think are very much informative and helpful.
it really helps me in doing my preparation and i know most of the b2b are doing the same thing too - to find reviews, to do survey, to get ideas, to just read about other b2b preparations, etc.

so i would like to share details on my engagement with my dear readers.
good things are to be shared, no?
and "sharing is caring", right?

if you find this blog not as informative as you expected or if it happens that you don't like to read my writings, please don't get boring or offended.
like i mentioned on the sidebar - "this blog is created because i just want my own place over the internet. a place where i can share thoughts, experiences and facts with others".

well, actually i don't know where to start with.
randomly picked, i think i'll start with my engagement mini dais.

in sum, i was and am really happy with my mini dais.
but it turned out to be controversial as some people said that it is too much to have a pelamin for engagement.
me myself, i don't think it is.
and lately, i've seen number of people doing it.

frankly, i did not make the pelamin for the purpose of bersanding ke apa.
in fact i don't have pictures with my fiance (oh my (",)) on the pelamin pun.
yes, standing in front of the pelamin ada, but not on the pelamin.

honestly, the pelamin was solely made for acara sarung cincin.
and i want it because my house theme and style is way different with my engagement theme.
come on, everybody have their own dream wedding, don't tell me you don't.
so let mine be like i wanted or dreamed it to be.

but knowing me, besides the fact that i'm very much into details, i'm also not sensitive to what others might think or said about me.
i just think that it is a waste of time to think too much of other people perceptions and sayings.

but unfortunately, my mama is not like that.
as a human, she's a very sensitive type of person.
she's warm-hearted and tends to put the needs of others over her own needs.
she really cares about what others might think about her.
so, the controversy sedikit sebanyak buat mama sedih.

jauh sekali mama nak menunjuk-nunjuk, the idea of the mini dais is COMPLETELY my idea.
in fact there's nothing to be showed off pun sebab that mini dais is totally made by me and it is just a simple one je.
it maybe looks nice and grand (it is?) but that is because of my creativity (masukkan elemen perasan sikit) and it doesn't mean that i spent too much and membazir on it.

sometimes i don't understand why some people really like to busy themselves with other people's matters.
in a good way, yes i understand.
but in a negative way?

please please please (guna nada aliff satar), the minute you feel yourself about to say something negative, stop for a moment and say nothing and let go of those thoughts without reacting, judging or identifying.
get busy thinking about your own needs, day-to-day commitments and goals which are more more important.
stop being too judgemental like i said once, stop making assumptions about others.
it will and surely will makes your life less complicated.

okay enough of the controversial stories, let's get back to the ultimate objective - to share about my mini dais.

i was actually trying to copy one of zaifie zainal's creation.
i really like their work.
and i did email them to ask for quotation actually - but no reply until today.

so i can say that more or less i immitate their work.
but i changed the design a bit depending on the ready resources and the space i have.

anyway, here is zaifie's mini pelamin which i like to death.

it is simple but really really nice, no?

and this is my d.i.y mini pelamin.

background railing was from kamdar, prima saujana, kajang and installed by my uncle.
background materials were bought from kamdar, presint diplomatik, putrajaya.
white bycast leather seat was bought from wescourt, selaman, bangi.
flowers and vase from romantika, metro point, kajang.
carpet from kajang carpet centre, kompleks diamond, bandar baru bangi.
stands and lamps borrowed from my best friend (thanks, saz!).

i didn't really splurge on the pelamin.
i know the limit and still know the concept of membazir.

hellooo, it was one of my lifetime special moments.
just let me have what i want, okay?

because i dreamt a dream...
...and in my dream, i dreamt of my beautiful wedding.


lina said...


seriously cantik mini pelamin u. i really adore your simple n superb mini pelamin. Orang yg cakap bende yang tak best about the mini pelamin jeles kot?

white purple flower said...

hi lina.thanks :)

roeza said...

simply beautiful la the dais aishah!

white purple flower said...

roeza,thanks! :)

nYomeL said...

simple and sweet mini dais. love it!

white purple flower said...

i love it too,nyomel!tq :)

Ciksue said...

aisyah,cantikk sangat..
nice...kerusi tu aisyah beli brape yea??
sue tgh cari kerusi utk pelamin..comelll

white purple flower said...

thank you ciksue :)
kerusi tu normal price at westcourt rm690 tapi mintak2 kurang dapat rm620.kalau masa promotion mesti lagi murah,tapi haritu masa beli takde promotion.
selamat mencari!

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