Friday, November 19, 2010

e-hand bouquet

imho, hand bouquet is one of special attractions for a wedding or anything related to it.
it is a "must" and at the same level of importance of a wedding dress.

every time i went to a wedding, other than struggling to have a full view of the wedding dress (jebon sangat kan), i will surely pay attention to the hand bouquet.
pay attention means i looked at it from many aspects.

what flowers are used? are they pure roses? or maybe lillies? orchids? tulips? daisies? carnations? or combination of types of flowers?
how small or big it is? is it too small? or is it too big and cover the bride's figure?
what type of flowers? fresh? or plastic?
is the hand bouquet match with the color of the wedding theme?
how is it decorated? does it come with ribbons? is there any lace or silk materials or additional accessories used?
how about the arrangements? is it in round form? or in a descending form? or no geometric form at all?

for my engagement, i chose to d.i.y. my hand bouquet using non-real flowers.
reason to d.i.y. - to save budget
reason for not using fresh flowers - to make sure that i can keep it forever.
because if i used fresh flowers, the most i can keep it is one week (or maybe less) before it safely stays in my bin.

in fact, i think i might be using fake flowers for my wedding hand bouquets too.
kalau dah tak nak simpan pun, i boleh buat perhiasan bilik haha.

so here are pictures of lovely hand bouquet which i really really like.
actually there are lots more tapi takkan nak letak semua pulak kan.
so these are among the top of my favorite list.

and this was mine.

nothing special about it.
but i think it is sweet and humble enough for an engagement, no?

i personally love the round form bouquet but didn't make it round because i want to save it for my wedding.
for my engagement, i decided to have a small bouquet but not that small because i have a large frame, so a small bouquet is a no-no for me - so i settled for this small small.
and to make it unique and different from normals, i made the handle longer than the usual hand bouquet we've always seen.
and i think it looks weird haha padan muka nak unik sangat.

anyways, flowers and organza ribbons bought from SSF, jalan tar, kuala lumpur.
and silk materials are balance from my wedding dress.
okay so now you know the color of my wedding dress, potong betul.

me with my hand bouquet and my best babe

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