Monday, November 22, 2010

e-room decorations

as you know, the upacara sarung cincin wasn't held in my room which i decided to do it at the living hall so everybody can see and doesn't have to squeeze into my room.
still, i made some room decorations so that my photographers don't have to struggle themselves to find the right (and decent) angles for in-room photo shootings.

the concept is space and simplicity where i put all unnecessary things out and leave only the furnitures.
thanks to my sister for allowing me to put my things in her room which until today haven't been taken out yet :P

i didn't buy any new bedsheets and quilt cover and didn't change the curtains.
and of course didn't buy new furnitures.
i just bought some fake flowers and white vases from romantika, metro point, kajang and fresh flowers from pasar kajang as my room decorations.
and i made sure that i had enough of my favorite fragrant oils and candles.
plus i got myself a purple oil burner to complement the theme.

anyway, my favorite fragrant oil is teddy's dream from lovely lace which is highly recommended.
i use the same fragrant for my spa too, anyway.
if you are searching for a fresh and invigorating scent, you might want to try this teddy's dream.

sekarang tengah cari ilham untuk wedding room decorations pulak.

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