Tuesday, October 27, 2009

where to splurge?

wedding or anything related to it requires loads of money.
so there are many articles on the net tell us on how to save money for our big day.
but actually, some things are worth to be splurged.
the point is, where to splurge?

and i believe - p.h.o.t.o.g.r.a.p.h.y.

why.. because -
- food will be eaten.
- the pelamin will be took away the next day.
- the dress too if it is rented, if it is not - then wait til hari raya to wear it again OR never wore it again - keep it for next generation maybe LOL.

but photographs remain forever.
they are only things that capture the scenes and keep the memories alive.

i told my sayang about this many times.
he argued on having good photographer because good ones are always expensive.
of course i won't settle for the most expensive one.
but at least i want it to be far better than what we could do ourselves.

anyway, i have few names in mind.
at the end of the day, surely i will choose the one that meets our budget.

i choose to splurge and be smart at the same time.


sora-ao said...

i'm totally agree. 2 things to burst my pocket: photos & makeups!

an oasis of beauty & tranquility... said...

btol3..me makeup no 2 after photog :)
nvr ever amek makeup yg came along in a package.