Tuesday, November 9, 2010

e-invitation cards

i really think that it's not necessary to have invitation cards for my e-day.
me myself, i invited my friends through facebook by creating private event and also through sms-es.
plus last two weeks, when me and my ayah was making a guests list for my e-day, he said that he will do the invitation by phone.
so, that's the deal.
but last friday, he said that he needs some invitation notes to be distributed to the neighbours, a very simple one.

akan tetapi, selain cerewet...
...saya juga adalah agak kreatif (perahsan).
so at last, that 'very simple invitation notes' came out to be not very simple for my ayah, but simple and sweet for me i think.

the invitation is made up of a plain 210grams white paper, with a picture of a stalk of rose and is complemented with a purple ribbon at the very left side of it.
and it took only an hour for me to finish it up, from scratch.

saya berpegang kepada prinsip buat sehabis baik ala-ala pengakap juga.
atau secara tepatnya, do my best or don't do at all.


dijah said...

woah..sifu!best la ayat last skali.

white purple flower said...