Friday, November 5, 2010

be grateful!

life maybe has not turned out the way you expected or planned.
but no matter how difficult or bad things are or may be, there are still many reasons to be grateful for.

what is there to be grateful for?
as for me..
- i am grateful to have such a wonderful family.
- i am grateful for my health and vitality.
- i am grateful to wake each day, and know that i am still alive for another day of life.
- i am grateful of having amazing friends around me.
- i am grateful that i live a colorful life.
- i am grateful for a nice living environment.
- i am grateful for everything i have, will have and have had.

and there are still loads of reasons to be grateful for.

you have those people in your life who care about you, you have your loved ones, you have chance to do what you've done and to see what you've seen, you have things that others don't have or might not have, you have opportunities to grow, you have chance to learn, you have many kids, you have a good look, you are good in your studies, you are cancer-free, you will be married soon, you live in a harmony environment, you don't have skin problems, you have a car, you can drive, you sing well, you are a good cook.. bla bla bla.

there are many things, maybe little things, that you should be grateful for but you've been taking for granted.

you are very selfish to accept what life dishes out for you and what God had planned for you.

being grateful can make you feel happier.
trust me, it works.

so be grateful for what you have.
because somewhere in the world, someone is praying for it.


pelangi said...

i had a bad day today..
after reading this i feel a lot better..
yey..lagi sehari aje...
can't wait to see u darl..

white purple flower said...

ieja,you've loads of things to be grateful for.yeayy thanks for coming.thanks for everything.