Friday, December 23, 2011

there's this sweet girl who i met months back at a victorian themed tea party.
from the first impression, honestly, she looked very much friendly and approachable.
i think she really knows how to "smile with her eyes".
very warm & inviting - her smile put anyone at ease.

her name is ayna.

her blog is one of many blogs that i follow - sugary, spicy & everything nice!

i think she's a very erm what we call it.. is it committed?
okay, i think she's a very committed blogger.
nothing like mine, her blog is something worth reading.
she's so rajin to put reviews on products & attending events.
compared to my blog which is more to syok sendiri stories, you can get new knowledge from hers.

okay let me be honest..
i'm writing this entry about her blog because she's giving away a brand new laura mercier tinted moisturizer spf 20 in nude worth rm159 to her lucky blog reader.

it's not that i was lying when i told you that she has sweet smile, she's very friendly, nice & all - she really is!
but i'm taking advantage of this perfect time, to praise her & win something LOL :P

all i have to do to be in the running to win the tinted moisturizer is just to promote her blog's giveaway at either my blog, facebook or twitter.
it's so easy, i don't want to miss this chance of winning something!

anyway, you can also check out her blog's giveaway here --> CLICK HERE!
and you have until 12am, 25th december 2011 to participate.

ayna & i

p/s ohh ayna, i hope i can be the winner!
i just love wearing tinted moisturizer or bb cream or anything light to my skin.
my skin's full of flaws, i can't go out with completely bare skin.
somemore, i need to protect it from uv lights for long term benefit.
but i don't really fancy foundations, because i prefer to look flawless yet natural, i hope you get what i meant.
so this is SO what i need.
and i know it's so good, so i don't want to miss this out.

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