Thursday, December 22, 2011

the bandung experience

early this month, my darling, my inlaws & i went to bandung for a company trip.
it was just a short trip, like, really short - 3d2n only.
hurmm or was it 2d2n? because our flight to bandung departed at 530pm (2 hours delay), so in principle, the first day shouldn't be counted, no?

okay, whatever..

anyway, we arrived in bandung at 630pm (bandung time).
it was already dark, so we headed straight to the hotel.
initial plan was to have a short city tour before we check in to the hotel (we should have reached much earlier without the delay, remember?).

so yeah, to the hotel it was.
i was really tired because i wasn't medically fit at that time.

we stayed at the golden flower hotel.
you know what, i should be going there again & STAYING at this hotel AGAIN.

the hotel is super nice & is conveniently located (it's just a walking distance to pasar baru).
we stayed at the penthouse, with 3 rooms, spacious living & dining area & a kitchen.
seriously, i'm in love with the bed, it's really big & comfortable.
combined with luxurious linens, i wish i can spend more time at the hotel LOL.
they provide free internet (via ethernet cable) in the room & wireless internet at the lobby.
hmm what else.. there's an lcd flat tv with 52 channels.
and ohh.. there's a jacuzzi! i used the jacuzzi twice! so jakun, i know.

the picture that i put on the previous entry, doesn't do it justice.
so let's take some pictures from the website.

okay, enough with the hotel, moving ahead to the real bandung experience.

after checked in to the hotel, we got ourselves ready for a company dinner.
we had sunda cuisines for the dinner.
and that's it for the so called first day, just dinner.. hmm just dinner.

the next day, after having breakfast at the hotel, we went for a little sight seeing.
yeah where else.. to the tangkuban parahu it was.
that was my 2nd time going to tangkuban parahu.
seriously, i don't understand why ppl need to go there.
sorry but honestly, i didn't really appreciate seeing volcanic lava & not to mention the 3 hours (back & forth) spent on the road.
but i was on a company trip, remember?
so i went there.. had a little sight seeing.. smelled the smelly sulfur.. took some photos.. did a little souvenir shopping & yeay! back to the city.

on our way back to the city centre, we dropped by at a restaurant for a lunch.
and we had sunda cuisines.. again.

after that, we went to visit factory outlets!
i love this part, but i hate the fact that we only had 2 hours for this.
hmm, 2 hours? seriously?
the last time i was in bandung, i didn't have the chance to go to every outlet.
but this time, it was even worse.
we only managed to cover 3 outlets at 1 area (jalan dago).
3 outlets.. T_T 1 area T__T
hmm it's okay, later i'll make sure i'll go to bandung again, no sight seeing, just purely shopping!

and then we had our dinner, but this time it was different.
we had chinese style seafoods for dinner & it was yummy.
after dinner, we went for a short shopping mall visit - paris van java.

the next day is the last day T_T & we only had a few hours for pasar baru.
our flight back home was supposed to be at 5pm, but then it was retime to 330pm.
hmm not delay but the flight had been brought earlier.. T_T
so yeah, we managed to spend about 2 hours only at pasar baru.

lastly, we checked out the hotel.
and we had our lunch on our way to the airport - nasi padang.

overall, i must say that that was kind of a rushing trip, i couldn't breath properly.
and worse thing worst, we got back home with a virus with us.

hmm ohh well, just as predicted.

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