Sunday, December 25, 2011

basic kitchen tools

this is my personal checklist & could be your reference too.
it's just a basic list of kitchen tools for cooking & eating.

cooking utensils

1) set of knives & chopping boards.
ikea's SLIPAD knife block with 5 knives, multicolour - RM29
ikea's KLANGFULL knife block with 3 knives - RM11.90
ikea's LEGITIM chopping board, set of 2, green, blue - RM12.90

2) pots, pans & woks - in various sizes.
ikea's STEKA frying pan, dark blue - RM8.50
ikea's ANNONS 5-piece cookware set, stainless steel - RM35
ikea's SNITSIG 7-piece cookware set, stainless steel - RM129
ikea's IDENTISK wok with lid, dark grey, aluminium - RM89

3) spoons & spatulas - tablespoons, teaspoons, slotted spoons, wooden spoons, metal spoons, soup ladle, wooden & metal spatulas.
ikea's MIXA 3-piece kitchen utensil set - RM1.60
ikea's AKUT 3-piece kitchen utensil set, black - RM3
ikea's RUFSIG wok utensils, set of 2, black - RM4.90
ikea's UTMÄRKT soup ladle, grey, black - RM5.90

4) mixing bowls, sieves/strainers & colanders - steel or plastic.
ikea's FLÄCKIG mixing bowl, set of 2, white - RM19.90
ikea's IDEALISK strainer, stainless steel - RM15.90
ikea's IDEALISK colander, stainless steel - RM29
ikea's FLÄCKIG colander, white - RM6.90

5) measuring tools.
ikea's STÄM set of 4 measuring cups, assorted colours - RM3.90

6) mixing utensils - hand held electric mixer & whisk.
ikea's 365+ HJÄLTE balloon whisk, stainless steel, black - RM19

7) miscellaneous - peeler, grater, rolling pin, can & bottle opener, kitchen timer, kitchen shear/scissor, pot stands, etc.
ikea's STÄM peeler, assorted colours - RM3.90
ikea's IDEALISK grater, stainless steel - RM12.90
ikea's MAGASIN rolling pin - RM12.90
ikea's STÄM can opener, assorted colours - RM7.90
ikea's STÄM bottle opener, assorted colours - RM3.90
ikea's STÄM timer, assorted colours - RM7.90
ikea's TROJKA scissors, set of 3, multicolour - RM4.90
ikea's HEAT pot stand, set of 3 - RM5.50

8) food storage & organizing.
ikea's JÄMKA food saver, transparent white, blue, set of 3 - RM4.90
ikea's REDA food saver, set of 5, round transparent white, blue - RM9.90
ikea's PRUTA food saver, set of 17, transparent, green - RM15
ikea's RAJTAN spice jar, glass, aluminium-colour, set of 4 - RM7.50
ikea's BEVARA sealing clip, set of 30, assorted colours, assorted sizes - RM9.90

eating utensils

1) dinnerware - plates, side plates & bowls.
ikea's FÄRGRIK 18-piece service, white, stoneware - RM119

2) serveware - serving plates, serving bowls & trays.
ikea's BJÖRKNA serving plate, black, white - RM8.90
ikea's BJÖRKNA serving bowl, black, white, set of 2 - RM8.90
ikea's SMULA tray, transparent - RM9.90

3) glassware - glasses, jugs.
ikea's REKO glass, clear glass, set of 6 - RM4.90
ikea's VÄNLIG jug, clear glass - RM8.90

4) coffee & tea - mugs, cups & teapots.
ikea's ÄLMHULT mug, beige, stoneware - RM1.50

ikea's DINERA coffee cup and saucer, beige, set of 6 - RM39
ikea's RIKLIG teapot, glass - RM49

5) cutlery - tablespoons, forks, knifes & teaspoons.
ikea's FÖRNUFT 24-piece cutlery set, stainless steel - RM36

6) napkins.
ikea's FANTASTISK paper napkin, red, 50 pieces - RM4.90

7) place mats.
ikea's PANNÅ place mat, purple - RM7.90

wee.. ikea, here we come!


magi said...

It really new thing that I saw in ur website..It so good …………………
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mama2nur said...

aku dah 9 tahun pindah rumah, still tak banyak brg yg aku beli.. gune brg2 adiah kawen & adiah pindah umah dr mama je..

white purple flower said...

Dah pergi ikea dah.tapi x beli semua.sbb ada yg dah dpt hadiah wedding.brg dah complete.yg takde,bottle opener sbb xde stock n blender n lesung sbb takde org bagi.

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