Tuesday, December 27, 2011

we need...

1) a washing machine
2) a dryer
3) a toaster
4) a bottle opener
5) a blender
6) a lesung batu
7) tudung saji

all above are what we still don't have.

if you are interested in swapping your wedding gifts with us, do email me at aishah_ara@yahoo.co.uk.

i have 3 rice cookers, a table fan, a coffee maker, 3 queen fitted sheet sets & a microwave oven to swap.

i got loads of glasses, jugs & tea sets from the wedding, but i've decided to keep them all because they might be useful for some occassions.
but, for some stuff (e.g. coffee maker or microwave oven), i don't think i need it more than one.

so, if let say, you need a rice cooker & you have a blender to let go, do email me.



pelangi said...

aku pun nak washing machine gak! :p

white purple flower said...

Harap2 ada org email "kak sy nak tukar set cadar akak dgn washing machine pla" ;p