Saturday, October 15, 2011

at least we've place to stay

you saw me sketch my engagement dress & wedding dresses before.

i'm not sure if i've shown you this, but yes, i sketched the table & canopy setting for the wedding too.

i also sketched the pelamin & the floor plan of our wedding room but i forgot where i put those files.

and now i have moved a step ahead, i drafted sketches of the furnishings & floor plan layouts of our future home.

my ayah always said to me that i have so many free time & that's why i can do so many 'things'.. well, things like this.
and also things like going for a weekly hair treatment, weekly facial treatment, almost daily shopping mall visit, movies, etc.

okay, back to the topic, our home design layout.
as you can see, i want my home to be as simple as the sketches above & will try to stick to the modern country look.

anyway for the guest area, that master fabric 2+3-seater sofa is the newly bought sofa & that 2-seater fabric sofa is the old re-upholstered sofa.
for the ornaments, i will use whatever flowers & pot/vase that i have from the wedding leftovers.
for the carpet, i will bring over my current purple carpet from my room at mom's house (boleh tak mama?).
and no, i don't have the coffee table, side table, decorative pillows & throws yet.

for the dining area, i will use the old dining table set & will get somebody to repaint it tomorrow insyaAllah.
i don't have the carpet yet, but i just decided that i won't put that carpet under the dining table set because it's going to be tedious for me to clean up the scattered foods.
same case for the ornament, i will just use anything that i already have.
need to buy the chair cushions, but since they are not that important, i will buy it later on.
ohh i need to buy 4 more placemats since the other day i went to ikea i just bought 2 of them (haha, yeah sounds stingy i know, but i thought it's going to be only two of us in the house?).

hmm i don't really like my TV area since there'll be nothing new for that area.
old sofa & old TV cabinet.
and that's why i don't have motivation to sketch the layout for that area, yet.
i actually have so many ideas in my head but i can't get it translated into reality since we don't have much money.
everything is now so expensive.
but it's okay, at least we have place to stay, right?

so, i'm being grateful & accepting everything that i have.
i have a super nice & loving husband, a great set of parents & siblings, a true friends.. what else do i need?
thank you, Allah :)


~ US *_* ~ said...

Da masuk uma ke? Besnyee

white purple flower said...

Belum lah aini.tgh baiki2 n tukar apa yg patut.