Friday, October 14, 2011

the muslim woman & her own self

aww i love this 2nd chapter of "the ideal muslimah".
the chapter explains about how to become an ideal muslimah by striking a balance between external appearance & internal nature.
and it's all about achieving balance between our BODY, MIND & SOUL.
the 2nd chapter is fun to read & lighter than the previous.

so what i've got from the reading, in order to balance out body, mind & soul, true muslimah practices the followings:
for her BODY
-true muslimah eats & drinks moderately
-true muslimah exercises regularly
-true muslimah takes care of her health
-true muslimah concerns about the cleanliness of her body & clothes
-true muslimah takes care of her mouth & teeth
-true muslimah takes care of her hair
-true muslimah concerns about her good appearance without going to extremes or making a wanton display of herself
-true muslimah presents a pleasing appearance to her husband, children, mahram relatives & other muslim women
-true muslimah does not go to extremes of beautification or make a wanton display of herself
for her MIND
-true muslimah takes care of her mind by persuing knowledge
-true muslimah is not superstitious
-true muslimah never stops reading & studying
for her SOUL
-true muslimah performs acts of worship regularly & purifies her soul
-true muslimah keeps company with righteous people & joins religious gatherings
-true muslimah frequently repeats du`a's & supplications described in Hadith

may Allah guide us in our journey to become true muslimahs.
till the next chapter, lovelies.
xoxo :)

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