Monday, October 3, 2011

the muslim woman & her Rabb

alhamdulillah, i've finished with the 1st chapter of "the ideal muslimah".
i can say that the article is presented in a light & easy-to-understand form.

basically, the chapter tells about the attitude of the true muslimah towards her Lord.
where generally the true muslimah should have deep faith in Allah s.w.t., willingly submits to His will & decree, worships Him sincerely, obeying all of His commands & heeding all of His prohibitions.
true muslimah is proud of her muslim identity, constantly strives to support the religion & understands what it means to be a true servant of Allah s.w.t.

some of the attitude of the true muslimah mentioned in the article:
-true muslimah regularly prays five times a day
-true muslimah may attend the jama`ah prayer in the mosque
-true muslimah attends Eid prayers
-true muslimah prays Sunnah & Nafil prayers
-true muslimah performs her prayers properly
-true muslimah pays zakat on her wealth
-true muslimah fasts during the day & prays at night in Ramadhan
-true muslimah observes Nafil/Sunnah fasts
-true muslimah goes on Hajj to the sacred house of Allah s.w.t.
-true muslimah goes for Umrah
-true muslimah is obedient to the commands of Allah s.w.t.
-true muslimah does not sit alone with a "stranger"
-true muslimah wears correct hijab
-true muslimah avoids mixing freely with men
-true muslimah does not shake hands with a non-mahram men
-true muslimah does not travel except with a mahram
-true muslimah accepts the will & decree of Allah s.w.t.
-true muslimah turns to Allah s.w.t. in repentance
-true muslimah feels a sense of responsibility for the members of her family
-true muslimah's main concern is the pleasure of Allah s.w.t.
-true muslimah understands the true meaning of being a servant of Allah s.w.t.
-true muslimah works to support the religion of Allah s.w.t.
-true muslimah is distinguished by her islamic character & true religion
-true muslimah's loyalty is to Allah s.w.t alone
-true muslimah enjoins what is good & forbids what is evil

well, this is just the summary of what i've read.
full explanation & details can be found in the article.

till then! :)

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