Tuesday, May 31, 2011

my wedding dais / pelamin

my wedding dais was such a failure.

again, i made the pelamin by myself.
i rented the stage, the stand chandeliers and the seats.

there are tooooo many things that were not happening as planned.
-i booked a 1-floor stage, but due to some technical problems with the vendor, i've got no choice but to use a 2-floors stage which was actually not suitable with the height of the ceiling and the seaters' size. rental price: rm190 (1-floor stage with white carpet); rm250 (2-floors stage with white carpet)
-the lights from the stand chandeliers were too bright. should have used the lowest watt bulbs for the chandeliers. i've actually asked someone to buy and change the bulbs for me. but last minute task, he just managed to get me 25-watt bulbs which as i said were too bright. rental price: rm250 for 2
-the bunga pahar should have not covering my favorite flower arrangements.
-the feather ribbon on the backdrop was a last-minute decision which was totally a mistake. less is more, the most important principle of almost all things related to wedding.
-i cannot have my pelamin nikah which i actually wanted sooo much especially for photo shooting purpose. for the nikah, the flower arrangements were supposedly different and nicer sebab takde kerusi and the flowers will be as the background.

the only thing that i love about my pelamin was the seats.
i love the seats because it perfectly matched with my wedding theme.
it is classic and most importantly, it's white.
rental price: rm150

there were actually many things that could have been better, but past is past.
although i was not satisfied with everything, i still smile on the wedding day.
yes, all bride-to-be's should have that skill.
it's very important for you to hold any feelings and your dissatisfaction for a while and just enjoy your big day.

so bride-to-be's, i am wishing you all the happiness on the most joyous day of your life.
have fun!

p/s ugh i wish i can turn back time.


zLa said...

ala tape..klu dh gojes, palemin gojes pun orang tak pandang..yang penting uols sangat menawan la masa wedding uols..kerlasss!!!

white purple flower said...

pelamin gojes org pandang lah.org mcm ai pandang tau.mcm pelamin uols tu.agagaga.