Tuesday, May 31, 2011

bantal / alas nikah

i'm renting out my bantal / alas nikah.
i have two, one for the groom and one for the bride.
used only once during my akad nikah ceremony.

they are 35 x 35 inches in size.
the size is bigger than the normal ones that you can find at the wedding boutique.
they are so solid and comfortable enough to comfort you during the akad.

my bantal nikah is one of the items from the wedding yang i sangat cinta.
sangat cinta sebab mereka sangat cantik dan indah.
sangat cinta sebab meraka sangat menepati citarasa saya.

colors: purple for the groom, pink for the bride.

rental price is rm50 for both.

the first renter will get a special price from me.
send me email at aishah_ara@yahoo.co.uk.


n0rraslida alias said...

chumelll!!! bntal nikah!!! i loike....!!! btol ker nk sewakn?

white purple flower said...

btol!seyes :) custom made ni

n0rraslida alias said...

tp hari nikah akk(wat ala2 sengau) bln 11...leh sewa ka? kot2 ader yg dh sewa gk... ;))

white purple flower said...

takde org sewa lagi :)

Anonymous said...

very nice n attractive.nak sewa boleh pls email mashe563@yahoo.com my cntact num 0129917225

white purple flower said...