Friday, May 27, 2011

bridal bouquet

bridal bouquet for nikah
combination of shocking pink, white and lime eustomas with baby's breaths
i love this one the most!
this is the sweetest bridal bouquet among all.
price: rm60
from: petaling street

bridal bouquet for reception I
combination of purple eustomas and champange roses
i love this one too.
it would have been better if they use brown eustoma instead of those champange roses because they said they have no brown eustoma in stock.
but, it still looked gorgeous!
price: rm160
from: petaling street

bridal bouquet for reception II
combination of champange roses, berries and baby's breaths
i don't like this bridal bouquet.
i purposely asked for this color because my baju already so bright, so i need lighter colored bouquet to match with the baju.
maybe i don't fancy champange roses, maybe.
or i maybe hate it because the arrangement was not as solid as ones i got from the florist at petaling street.
baby's breath pun kedekut, letak sikit-sikit je.
price: rm80
from: canny florist, kajang

bridal bouquet for reception III
combination of red roses, purple statices and pandan leaves
i am NOT satisfied with this one too.
same case like the previous one, the arrangement was not solid and they should put more purple statice around the bouquet.
kalau macam ni, i buat sendiri pun lagi cantik.
price: rm80
from: canny florist, kajang

thanks so much to aini for sponsoring the bouquet for both events at my house.
ohh by the way, she ordered bouquets from the same shop for her engagement and wedding.
and both of her bouquets are superbly gorgeous too!

combination of roses and baby's breaths (rm80)

combination of pink roses, baby's breaths and lilies (rm160)

so lovelies, please please please get your bridal bouquet from this shop.
the shop is located just opposite maybank at petaling street.
they have loads of flowers to choose from.
anyway, the fresh flowers for the pelamin are also from that shop.

don't go to canny florist.
that one i've got no choice because that's the nearest florist to my house.
and i don't want to trouble anyone to pick up my bridal bouquet during the other two receptions.
ohh anyway, dila went to petaling street on my nikah day to pick up the first two bouquets for me. thanks, dila!

if i knew earlier that my MIL will ask me to buy flowers for the pelamin, i would not have booked those bridal bouquets from canny.
sebab last2 kena pergi jugak pick up bunga untuk pelamin at petaling street! sigh.


~ US *_* ~ said...

yeyy gmba masok blog ecah! hehe

white purple flower said...

bess ke aini?haha bukan ada reader pun.reader ko,kakak aku,adek aku n ieja kadang2.tu je la kot :P

zLa said...

aku read jugak tau klu rizq bagi permission..

white purple flower said...

hihi ingat dah tak sempat dah