Sunday, March 27, 2011

things to let go after the wedding

i have got a few things to sell right after the wedding.

i am not sure about the outfits.
i might want to keep them for months before i can decide whether to sell them (because i know that i can't fit into them in the future) or to keep them (so that i can show them to my granddaughters).

but there are couple of things which i would like to sell for some reasons.
maybe there is no use for me to keep them.
or maybe there is no extra space for them in my room.

i am too lazy to snap pictures of the goods.
but i will provide some descriptions of them along with their cost price and selling price.

you are free to book from now but they are available to be picked up only after 24th of april 2011.

those things are:

1) bunga manggar x 2pcs
plum purple with hints of silver bunga manggar with magenta purple handle
cost price: rm64.60/2pcs
selling price: rm30/2pcs

2) kipas pengantin x 2pcs
raspberry pink/purple feather fan with white handle
cost price: rm27/2pcs
selling price: rm18/2pcs


okay, tiba-tiba sayang nak jual bunga-bunga :(

to be continued..


~ US *_* ~ said...

yeye jee..sekali ade 2 barang je nk jual huhu

white purple flower said...

haha.tu la.
brg byk tapi sume mcm syg.