Sunday, March 27, 2011

muhammad rizq naqiuddin

went to visit a friend.
she had her son's majlis aqiqah today.
arrived at her house very late that we can straightly enjoy the served meal.

his name is muhammad rizq naqiuddin.
born at week 35th of pregnancy, he is now about 2 months old.
never had a chance to visit him before (sorry zila!).

ohh he's so beautiful!

muhammad rizq naqiuddin

muhammad rizq naqiuddin at 2 months old

his gorgeous mom

congratulations again to zila & azwan.


pelangi said...

comelnya anak zila...
aku rs nnt mesti ikut muka zila..
da besar jd rebutan la nnt..

white purple flower said...

aah comel :)
tgklah parents nye.
pasni tgk anak kamu plak ee.

~ US *_* ~ said...

mak aih mancungnye idong..zila pon da kurus.terel

white purple flower said...

dah dua2 ibu ngan ayah dia mancung,anak mmg kompem mancung ah.