Tuesday, March 29, 2011

distributing wedding invitation cards

we are now in the process of distributing our wedding invitation cards to let ppl know that they are invited.

i don't know about how others see it, but it makes me feel kind of special to know that i am included in the list of someone's wedding guests.

haha it may sound pathetic, i know, but that's me.

this is just a quick update to update everyone, as if i am a famous blogger LOL.

it's 3am in the morning, new pimples are coming out like everywhere due to lack of sleep.
so, good night lovelies!


roeza said...

congrates aishah! really - beautiful wedding card!!:)

sk said...

sweetnye ur wedding card! happy preparing babe! :)

white purple flower said...

thanks roeza n sk :)

apart from the too small fonts used, i'm quite happy with the card.

tapi terkilan sbb tak perasan dlm artwork yg font tu terlalu kecil sampai dah siap.