Friday, March 25, 2011

opinion needed - direction signage

i'm about to order bunting for direction signage from ubunting.

i'm done with the artwork when suddenly my fiance said to me, "nanti nak pinjam guna balik untuk kenduri i."

ala tapi tapi, i want to put the date and also my parents' name on the signage.
the artwork looks like this.

aww.. i'm proud with my own artwork design.
cantek an?

tapi tu la, his idea seems brilliant.

since i will be using a durable type of signage (bunting type), it would be better if i can fully utilize it and use it twice instead of once.

what say you?

but how to design a signage that can be used for both events?



~ US *_* ~ said...

sonang je..wt bunting cm aku punye tuh.ltkla majlis persandingan kee, majlis perkahwinan kee.then name ko n apad jeh..n gamba tuh.still ok kot ;)

white purple flower said...

takleh la aini.mmg nak kena letak nama parents sbb yg dtg nanti kwn2 parents yg ramai.

so akhirnya buat signage asing2.tapi apad punya bukan bunting,print n laminate je.