Tuesday, March 8, 2011

reviews on dealsites

the voucher looks so yummy.
85% discounts on a package of body massage, steam bath and facial treatment.
normal price is rm236, so i can save more than 200 bucks.

i was about to buy this voucher from mydeal when i suddenly feel like googling on the spa.

until i found this in their blog.

haishh they lied on the normal price.
steam bath + body massage is only rm59.90.
and facial treatment is only rm48.
so where did the normal price of rm236 came from?

okay, maybe that's the grand opening promotion price.
still, i feel cheated.

famous blogger, thepinkstilettos, also reviewed on a deal that she bought from mydeal in this entry.
it was clearly stated in the deal she bought that "yummy! edible honey and chocolate used in the facial".
but then, she got a different type of facial.

i know that the goods and services in mydeal are provided by the partners and not by them.
but i think they have to be more alert with information provided by the partners.
information which is displayed in the dealsite must be accurate.
they have to do thorough checking on their partners so the customers won't feel cheated on deals offered by them.

in terms of dealsite layout and deals, i would prefer milkadeal.
they have language options - english or malay.
the writeups on partners and deals are more exciting to read.
and they have a discussion room where buyers can discuss on anything e.g. recent deals, previous deals, etc.
the best part is they offer rm5 milkadeal credit if we login through facebook.
and they will give us rm10 milkadeal credit when someone you invite/refer gets their first coupon.
milkadeal is a genius dealsite, no?

happy dealshopping, lovelies :)


Coffee Mama said...

Hello Aisyah, landed here from pinkstiletto..love the color of your blog..soothing&relaxing..

Anonymous said...

u bought the voucher?
i know where's the place..
don't expect too much,kecil saja tempat dia..tak best pun.masa grand opening,i dapat that flyers too,mana ada normal price rm236!


white purple flower said...

lulu - i was about to buy the voucher when i found their blog.pastu tak jadi,sbb stated normal price lain dengan yg sebenar.pastu tgk gambar pun spa tak cantik.kalau dekat,mmg rm34.99 for that package mmg berbaloi.tapi agak jauh tmn melawati ngan my place.kecuali kalau tpt tu mmg exclusive and mahal,pastu dpt great deal mcm tu mmg i sanggup je pergi jauh2.

coffee mama - hi.thanks for dropping by.yep,that's why i love purple & white :)