Wednesday, December 22, 2010

whole body skin lightening

are you one of those people who have struggled for a long time trying to lighten your body skin?
you have spent hundreds or maybe thousands for a whitening body lotion, shower cream, or anything but you didn't get any satisfactory results.

great news lovelies, now you can get your body skin lightened at minimal cost!
you will feel great, safely and most importantly cheaply.

seputeh kapas spa is now offering great deals for a whole body skin lightening treatment.

normal price for the treatment is rm200, but for now until 31st december 2010, you can purchase voucher for a session of whole body skin lightening treatment at only rm100.
what a wow, 50% discounts!

with guaranteed instant results, your skin will be at least one shade lighter with only one session.
natural fairness, with no burning, irritation or harsh smell.

voucher(s) can be redeemed from 1st january 2011 until 30th june 2011.
so you have 6 months, you can actually purchase more than a voucher, girls.

be smart and don't miss this one time limited offer.


Fariza said...

dulu i pernah pergi seputeh kapas buat normal facial.
best !!!

macam n cuba whole skin whitening.
ada product yang menggunakan asid x?
tkt je..

white purple flower said...

meh try buat treatment lain..bess jugak :)

active ingredient yg digunakan adalah hydrogen peroxide (H2O2).sebelum apply bleach cream, kita akan apply pre-bleach cream dulu on sensitive part to form a protective shield.

no hydroquinone and mercury.